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Addendum to Maiden

Additional information and Sources, etc. for Maiden,

Book One of The LightWalker Series

C.E. = Current Era, formerly A.D.

B.C.E. = Before Current Era, formerly B.C.

RE: The Ritual and Calling in if the 4 directions to set a sacred space.

According to

  • Ancient Celtic spirituality did not bring in the 4 directions. All space was sacred to them.

  • Ancient Celtic tradition did not need the God/Goddess balance that is present in contemporary Wiccan practices.

  • The deity calls to the individual. These are usually “local” deities.

  • The individual does not have to be oath bound to a deity, it is more like a relationship/friendship.

  • When referring to god or goddess, I was unsure how to handle the upper and lower case. I have kept a capital God for references to the concept of the God of the priests.

  • For Marta’s gods and goddesses, I have used the lower case god and goddess. These deities were more relaxed and friendly, usually. Unless it is a specific Goddess being used in a blessing, etc.

The CR (Celtic Reconstruction) FAQ – An Introduction to Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism.

(Copyright 2006 Kathryn Price NicDhana, Erynn Rowan Laurie, C. Lee Vermeers and Kym Lambert ni Dhoireann

(Permission is hereby granted to reproduce this text electronically for non-profit purposes, and to print out a copy for personal use, as long as none of the text is altered in any way, and as long as the source of this document ( and this copyright notice are included.) )

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